Joseph Youn

Joseph Youn Sgt. U.S. Army 2002-2005, was stationed in Mosul Iraq assigned to the 25th infantry as a tank commander. Joseph was halfway through his 6 month extension to his original 3 years when he was injured.

On April 5th 2005 while on patrol in his tank a suicide bomber with a truck full of explosives drove into his tank and blew up. Joe sustained a piercing traumatic brain injury when a piece of steel went into the left side of his head. Joseph was immediately sent to Germany where they had to remove a portion of his brain due to the extensive damage. He was then sent to the States and spent 4 years at different hospitals and rehab centers. On 12/8/2008 Joe's mother had him transferred to the Northport Veterans Nursing Home, where he was receiving his care. during the past 18 years Joe's mother Jane has traveled with him devoting her life to taking care of all of Joe's personal and medical needs.

Joseph leaves behind his mother Jane Guidone and step-father  Anthony Guidone.